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T-Top Professional: Vlog Review

beauty vlog review

T-Top Professional: Vlog Review

Isyang Luka is a Filipino based in Japan who’s a beauty enthusiast, she creates multiple videos reviewing different beauty products and one of them is us. She tries T-Top Hair Mask which she likes because of the result leaving the hair soft and treats split ends. Isyang Luka also shares her way how she to use the hair mask by focusing more on the ends of her hair. She uses a shower cap to soak it on the hair while taking a bath.

The other product she likes is the T-Top Ice Collagen Repair Treatment because of its mentholated formula and it makes her hair livelier and bouncier. She also stated that it makes her hair shiner no tangles between the strands of her hair. She also uses T-Top Macadamia Oil live in her video; she also mentions that she’s going to use T-Top Colour Save in the future.

In conclusion, T-Top Professional helps to treat her hair because she’s having less time because of her work in Japan, and she likes the result of giving her smooth and straight hair.

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