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T-Top Professional’s Tips!

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T-Top Professional’s Tips!

Having a bad hair day? No need to worry and follow our tips in using our T-Top Professional hair products to achieve the hair you desire.

    • Working out produces sweats in our body and sweats also contains salt that’s also can affect badly on the hair. Salt makes the hair dry that’s why before working out, apply T-Top Hair Mask to maintain the moisture on your hair and avoid it from drying out.
    • When using a hair mask make sure to comb it throughout your hair. Preferably use a wide tooth comb when handling wet hair and to ensure that every part of your hair is covered.
    • Prime your hair with T-top Colour Save to protect your hair color. It serves us a protector from the sun’s heat that damages your hair.
    • Don’t wash it off when applying T-Top Colour Save just leave it on your hair because it serves as a treatment to your colored hair.
    • To avoid frizzy hair, do a hair treatment frequently! Avoid permanent damage by using T-Top Ice Collagen Repair Treatment! It has a cooling effect that calms frizz and makes your hair smooth and shiny!
    • Use Sulfate-free Shampoos that are natural and safe for the hair.

Hope we help you reach your hair goals and have wonderful hair day.

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